The Process

It’s a process: learning to live here…learning to be ok with this season…this chapter of my life.

Like a glass with residue on the sides to prove it was once full but has now been depleted, my emotional cup is empty. In my eagerness, I would like to skip the cleaning process, but to fill my cup now would only result in a murky mess. This cup needs to be cleaned…and cleaning takes time. In the book of Ephesians there is a phrase that comes to my mind, which talks about using The Word of God to wash and cleanse. (Eph. 5:26) So that is what I’m doing. Sunday afternoons I spend in the rocking chair on our porch. My goal? Wash the glass! Think, Contemplate, Read, Write, Pray, Sing, Listen. It’s all part of the process.

And as much as I would like to snap my fingers and have a clean glass, I know this is a processs which will take time.

I appreciate having time, and I appreciate having a God who loves me even when my glass is messy. Eventually it will be all sparkly again: clean, filled with pure water and ready for a new season of pouring.

And that too will be part of the process.

The Lord’s Prayer- Amen


For the last 7 weeks we have been looking at The Lord’s Prayer, the example He gave us on How to pray. Often we take this gem for granted, missing its depth.

Our Father- We have the wonderful privilege of calling Him father! No one in the Old Testament dared to refer to God as father. Christ bought us that glorious right.

Who art in Heaven- God is not of this world. He is all knowing, all powerful, almighty, eternal, everlasting, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is bigger, greater and more powerful than our enemies. Nothing stands a chance to thwart His plans. He is like nothing and no one that we know.

Hallowed Be Thy Name- His name is holy and He is worthy of all respect and honor. No one out ranks him!

Thy Kingdom Come- May His reign be established everywhere: in my life, in the world.

Thy Will Be Done- May everything happen according to His will.

On Earth As It Is In Heaven- May God reign and may His will prevail on Earth just like it does in Heaven.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread- All that we need for life, we ask you to provide.

Forgive Us Our Sins As We Forgive Those Who Sin Against Us- Forgive us Lord and help us show the same grace to others.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Evil- Lead us far from evil and temptation. Rescue us from the Evil One.

For Thine Is The Kingdom, The Power And The Glory Forever- I proclaim that you are King of the Kingdom! You have all power! All Glory is due You, now and forever more!

Praying as Jesus taught is powerful and effective. His prayer encompasses all of our needs and He alone can meet those needs. Not only can He meet our needs but He desires to meet them according to His riches in glory. This model prayer is but a tool given us by Jesus and we should not forget to use it. In doing so we invite the God of the Universe to work on our behalf.

God is Faithful

“The secret of a disciple’s life is devotion to Jesus Christ, and the characteristic of that life is its seeming insignificance and its meekness. Yet it is like a grain of wheat that “falls into the ground and dies”—it will spring up and change the entire landscape (John 12:24).”

Excerpt From: Chambers, Oswald. “My Utmost for His Highest.”

A Prayer

Lord, help me be willing to die to myself, to my fear of the unknown. (As if I can know the future any way.) Help me to follow You wherever You lead, leaving behind the chariots in which I like to trust. Help me to face all seasons of life as an adventure, not a burden, knowing that no part of life is insignificant. May I always look to You as my peace and strength. As I rise each morning may my hope be found in You.

Increase my faith and resolve when You lead me in new directions. May my trust be found in You and You alone. For in You there is a time and season for everything.

May I never forget the love You have shown me. Lord in those moments when my faith is put to the test, let me not forget that You ALWAYS prove yourself faithful!


Son of the Most High God- A Prayer

Lord God, Most High God, when I don’t have the words to express all that is within me, I cry out to you. I say that most precious name of your Son Jesus. For you know my every thought, my secret fears, the battles that range within me. Without You I am lost. You God are My Strength, My Hope, My Defender and there is power in the name of Your Son-Jesus. And so I lay my soul bare before you…Search me and know me…Listen to the ache that fills my heart. Give me courage to seek you…Fight for me, for my loved ones as we struggle for Godliness and Holiness in a world that no longer values these qualities. Be our Promised Redeemer, Our Shield, Our Refuge and Our Fortress as we call to You…Jesus.


Psalm 91-Proverbs 18:10-John 14