Hallowed be Thy Name

Hallowed is not a word that is often used in our society. Although from time to time you might hear the term “hallowed halls” when referring to a great university, apart from that, hallowed is not a word that we are familiar with. In order to appreciate this phrase of the Lord’s Prayer, we need to translate it into something meaningful.

Merriam-Webster defines hallowed as deserving honor and respect. Synonyms for hallowed include revered, reverend and sacred. Other words associated with hallowed are honorable, reputable, respectable, esteemed, respected, admirable, distinguished, worthy, moral, noble and righteous.

In this passage we are proclaiming the righteousness of Father God. But how are we to hallow His name? “The Spirit of the Father is the Holy Spirit: it is only when we yield ourselves to be led of Him, that the name will be hallowed in our prayers and our lives.” Andrew Murray

Murray goes on to ask a broader question “And how is his name to be hallowed?”, which is answered in Ezekiel 36:23, By God Himself: `I will hallow My great name which ye have profaned.” (Darby Bible Translation) The New American Standard translation of 1977 puts it like this, “I will vindicate the holiness of My great name which has been profaned among the nations.”

For a lifetime, I have wondered how to hallow the name of God. As I read this passage I stood in awe. Just as God has made provision for our salvation, He has also made provision for hallowing His name. I must acknowledge that He is holy, but He will vindicate His holy name. With or without me, the holiness of God’s great name will be revealed. Although God’s holiness can and should be revealed through my life, hallowing God’s name is not dependent on me. This is such glorious news! While I acknowledge God’s holiness, He takes all the responsibility for revealing the holiness of His great name. Praying, Our Father, Hallowed be Thy Name, is simply us asking God to show his holiness, the goodness of Father God in and through our lives.

Now, that’s a prayer worth praying!


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With Christ in the School of Prayer- Andrew Murray

Photo Credit: Pixabay (TheDigitalArtist)

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