My secret habit of “Scrapbagging”!

Some people scrapbook, but not me! I scrapbag! It’s not quite as cute as a scrapbook, but every bit as sentimental. You see, I have this overflowing bag located high in the back of my closet. It is full of memories. Memories in the form of old clothes. Over the years I have kept sentimental articles of clothing that have belonged to me, my husband and our children. Whenever a pair of pants spring a leak or we out grow a shirt, you guessed it, that item goes into the bag. So far, I have been collecting this bag of scrap material for at-least 20 years and it is bursting at the seams!

Today I pulled out that old bag. It was filled with old shirts, jeans, khakis and even a plaid dress that once belonged to my girls. Wow, you just never know what secrets people have stashed away in their closets!

I began scrapbagging many years ago with a nostalgic notion of making a patchwork quilt. It took the threat of the bag being thrown away until I moved from collecting to cutting. At first I cut squares with a pair of old kitchen sheers. After a few hand cramps and uneven squares, I upgraded to a rotary cutter. I’d like to say that the rest was history, but my secret habit of scrapbagging continued. I cut and cut and cut and cut, squares of all colors, sizes and quite honestly shapes. And eventually began to put them together in a Purina Dog Chow sort of pattern. You know the one, a checker board with 9-squares. Today, I have about thirty 9-square checker boards that each bring back memories of times past. These squares are now located in a seperate bag in the top of the closet. Apart from that I have another bag of hundreds of squares that I have cut; some small, some large, all waiting to “become something” sensational.

Each Christmas season, I pull out my scraps and work on them. One day I hope to put them all together and make a blanket, or two. I am closer to that goal than I have ever been. But until then, I guess I will just continue my hobby of stuffing old laundry into plastic bags in the top of my closet.


One thought on “My secret habit of “Scrapbagging”!

  1. says:

    You write soooo well!

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