It is not about me!

I’ve been talking with the Lord lately about where we are now in life. About some of my likes and dislikes. And when I begin to complain about some portion that is not exactly what I would prefer, God gently reminds me that “it’s not about me”.

Serving God is NOT about me, nor should it be. Serving God is about Him. What does He like, what does He want from me, what are His standards for my life. In our increasingly narcissistic society we tend to think that everything should make us feel good. We complain when life is boring or not fun and refuse to participate in anything that we don’t find personally enjoyable. We have come far from seeking the common good and doing things because it is the “right thing” to do. And we don’t want anyone to step on our toes by pointing out some ungodly trait we possess or suggest that our thoughts and actions don’t line up with scripture.

Recently I came across this blog from Oklahoma Wesleyan President Dr. Everett Piper in my archives. He wrote this in response to a university student who was offended in chapel when the message from 1 Corinthians 13 “stepped on his toes”. The blog quickly went viral, which gives me hope that there are still some in our society who understand that it is NOT about us. I have included a link below to Dr. Piper’s blog.

One thought on “It is not about me!

  1. Rae Dutro says:

    Preach it, brother, preach it!

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