A Letter From God: Oh That You Would Understand. 

It hurts Me to see the walls you have built around yourselves. You sit high in the judgement seat piously looking down on others. I’m sorry you don’t understand.
The more you separate yourselves from the world, the more you isolate yourselves from those I love. How will they know My love if it is not for you. You were intended to be an expression of Me to the lost, hurt and dying. But that expression has become distorted. Instead of showing My love, you have become callous. It is not Me that you are portraying. It is your distorted, sin stained view of who I Am. Oh you look good, all shiny and put together on the outside, but inside you are messy. You attend church every time the doors are open. And you cling to the ritual of a lot of mandatory events (and rules)! You wouldn’t think of missing a service, but who are you when you are all alone? Are you like Me?
After all of your busyness, do you have any time left to share Me with those outside the church walls? Do you have time for the lost, the hurt, the ugly, the smelly, the broken? Do you think that miraculously the lost are going to step foot into your meetings? Would they even be welcome if they did? 
While you have a members only party in My Name those who need Me most are kept at an arms distance. How are they going to meet Me?
You have such potential! Oh I know you mean well, but even within the church you do not express love one to another. You are not an attractive representation of Me. Your aroma is not compelling. Instead it serves to push those who need Me farther away from Me. 
I am different than you. I met people on their turf and I loved them when they were unlovable. It wasn’t until after they experienced Me that they were changed. Do you remember how you were before I called you to Me? You were waist deep in the muck of sin, some of you were even blissfully swimming in sin. But then I found you and you were forever changed. 
I did not save you to be judge and jury, to separate yourselves so fully from my creation. No I saved you to love Me and share that love with others, who like you were, they are lost and blind. Oh that you would understand. 


2 thoughts on “A Letter From God: Oh That You Would Understand. 

  1. Betty Garnett says:

    Well done, Miss Kina! I’ve stumbled upon a book called Grace Walk…changing my life…thought I had figured it out. But NO!
    The book is clearly showing me that it’s not about works, which I already know. Instead, because Jesus lives my life within me instead of me trying and trying to live his life in me, which is not possible.

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