Training for Battle

In Ephesians chapter 6:10-17 there is a list referred to as The Armor of God. The list contains many weapons used for our protection: the belt of truth, breast plate of righteousness, shoes of peace, helmet of salvation and shield of faith. But in the list of armor there is only one offensive weapon mentioned that we have been given to defend ourselves against the devil. The weapon God has given us to take into battle is His Word, The Bible and it is referred to as our sword. 
Anyone who has watched fencing, or any movie where battles are fought with swords, knows that the sword is only useful 1) if you pick it up and 2) if the one using it is highly trained. Like any swordsman we must be highly trained if our weapon is to be effective in our hands. 
When Jesus was led into the wilderness he demonstrated how to expertly use the sword to combat our enemy the Devil. After fasting for 40 days and nights Satan attacked Christ. Three times he tempted Jesus and every time Jesus replied, “It is written…” Three times Jesus use his Sword to fight the battle. As a seasoned swordsman Jesus used the truth of scripture to combat the lies of Satan. (Matthew 4:1-11)
The Devil is still attacking and tempting God’s chosen ones. In order to stand in times of difficulty we MUST know The Word, believe The Word and apply The Word. Without advance training, we will be ineffective and unprepared to fight in battle. 
How is your training coming?

In this short video, Pastor Rick Warren explains the importance of using the sword. 

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