Things You Don’t See in the United States

Over the years of living in a foreign country we have experienced so many cultural differences. Sometimes we become numb to those differences and cease to even notice them. Here are a few things that we have experienced that still seem unusual to us….
A Christmas tree being carried home on the back of a motorcycle. 
Two men and a goat riding in the back of a pickup truck on a main highway at night. 
A baby seat strapped to the back of a four wheeler. 
A man walking down the street carrying a machete. 
A 4-5 person family using a motor scooter as their main form of transportation. 
Shaved ice and chopped fruit being sold out of the trunk of a car. 
A woman selling tamales or tacos carrying them in a large pot pushed through the street with a wheel borrow. 
A sign saying “no camping” posted in the median of a highway. 
Men riding down the highway perched on top of the dirt in the back of a dump truck. 
A store that sells 1- Tylenol, or 1-diaper, or 1- index card. 
A man sitting on a stump cooking over an open fire on the side of the toll road. 
Free range horses and donkeys. 
A public bathroom that only has one roll of toilet paper mounted to the wall near the entrance. (You must get your paper before entering the stall.)
Corn flavored ice cream

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