¡Feliz Navidad!

It is the custom in Mexico to gather with family on Christmas Eve and celebrate the coming of Christ at midnight. Much like ringing in the New Year people stay up late on December 24th and celebrate. Tonight as we prepared to go to sleep we heard a few faint blows of a tuba warming up in the distance. It didn’t take long until a full mariachi was thumping along happily: bum..bum..bum..bum. With the tuba bouncing along, surrounded by full brass, they have played noisily from the town plaza for the last four hours. Finally they have retired for the night at 4:00am and now I lay awake thinking about the different customs we practice to commemorate the coming of the King of Kings. 

I bet there weren’t any tubas in Bethlehem that night, but the lowing of cattle filled the stable as Mary gave birth to the Savior of humanity…Jesus Christ.

PS: I guess they had just taken a 15 minute break, because once again, there goes the tuba merrily bouncing along. 

One thought on “¡Feliz Navidad!

  1. Betty Garnett says:

    You gotta love it!! And these are the times I’m thankful for my hearing loss!

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