Not of this World

I’m traveling today. I wasn’t planning on being a non-conformist. I just was not aware that there was a dress code. All day long, I have only seen 4 other people that are not wearing either jeans, black or brown pants!! I, however, am wearing bright red pants. I think I might wear them more often, just because I can. But considering my company, I’m not sure what my red pants say about me. 

There was the short chubby woman in the airport with maroon leggings. The 6 year old boy in red pj bottoms. The girl with bright blue hair & blue striped stretch pants to match. She was accompanied by the guy with the Mohawk and the other guy with two white skunk stripes down the sides of his head. He resembled a badger. And finally the ASU student wearing her ASU jacket and maroon joggers. 
No one seems to be as amused by this phenomenon as I am. No one seems to even realized my pants are red. Well, no one except my husband, who laughed heartedly when he first saw me. Aside from the pants, I did get a compliment on my shirt. The compliment came from a woman wearing a red t-shirt with the silhouette of a sexy corset (fitted in all the right places). When she complimented my shirt, I simply said that I had noticed her shirt too and that she must be very confident to wear it. It couldn’t help but wonder what inspired her when she selected her travel attire this morning. At any rate, I have been thoroughly entertained today, which has made the flights go by pretty quickly. I think I might wear these red pants next time I travel too. They remind me that I am not of this world. (John 17:16) Meanwhile, I’m keeping my eye out for other non-conformist.

2 thoughts on “Not of this World

  1. Kari Romey says:

    You are too cute! Love you and your sense of humor. And I could actually see the look on Rodney’s face when he was laughing at your reds.

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