Romantic Notions

It’s autumn again, my favorite time of year. Each autumn I become nostalgic with romantic ideas of living in the Smokey Mountains. I miss the crisp fall Tennessee air, watching the trees change colors, bonfires, Friday night football, apple butter, scarecrows, wearing blue jeans & sweaters and drinking hot apple cider. I miss candy corn, carmel apples and roasted marshmallows; scented candles, fall festivals and pumpkin pie. 

This time of year always makes me a little homesick. It is when I most long to be near family and life long friends, when I realize what I’ve “given up” to become a missionary. It’s that time of year when I wonder what it would be like to live a “normal” life, without the weight and responsibility of 23 boys, 16 staff and wondering if we will have enough money to sustain it all or if we personally will even get paid this week. 
But I know this is just a season and it doesn’t last for long. In a short while I will shake off my romantic notions. I will remember what a difference we are making in so many lives and know that my small sacrifice is worth it. I will remember that romantic notions always leave out certain realities and that the very best place to be is right where God has established me. 
I will remember that I am living my dream and focus my eyes firmly on God and His call for our lives. Then one day in the early spring, I will look out my kitchen window and notice that my peach tree’s leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground. I will smile and thank God for his tender mercies and little blessings in allowing me to experience a little autumn right here in Mexico. 

2 thoughts on “Romantic Notions

  1. jonidoula says:

    Yes, Kina, I continue to read your blog! 🙂

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