God has NOT forgotten you!

“…but they did not listen to Moses, because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery.” Exodus 6:9
When life is difficult and things do not go our way, we often find it easy to give up. We think because our circumstances are less than ideal that God does not hear us, nor respond to our prayers. In those moments when our burdens seem heavier than we can bear, we must remember …God hears our cries. (Exodus 6:5, Psalm 4:3) Therefore do not let a down cast spirit prevent you from experiencing God’s best in life. Sometimes difficulty is the motivation we need in order to cry out to God.  
Are your circumstances preventing you from listening to God’s direction? …from experiencing God’s best?
Continue to seek God for help, and be careful to listen to His directions. Often your freedom is just around the corner. 


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