The Answer

We work with kids who have been abused, abandoned and neglected. I am convinced that the answer to their healing does not lie in a program nor intervention, but solely in Jesus Christ. Once they know Jesus, He will set them free from their past hurts and heal them. Only Christ can make new what has been damaged and replace the years that have been stolen. 
I am not saying that it matters not how we interact with the boys, indeed we are the hands and feet of Christ, perhaps the only example of Jesus some will ever see. And surely God will use us in the healing process. 
We all have experiences in our lives that have hurt us or that we wish we had not walked through. But we can not live stagnant lives focusing on those past traumas. We must leave the old man with his experiences behind and push forth towards the future with Christ as our hope. 
One of my favorite stories I love to share with the boys is that of Joseph. (Genesis ch. 37-47) He was abused and mistreated by his brothers to the point of being sold into slavery, but what Satan meant for evil God meant for good. God used Joseph not only to save his family, but to save a nation. 
God can take our greatest hurts and disappointments and turn them into something beautiful. But the key is to take our eyes off of our tragedies and to focus on Him. 

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