No Glitter

“We all have those times when there are no flashes of light and no apparent thrill to life, where we experience nothing but the daily routine with its common everyday tasks. The routine of life is actually God’s way of saving us between our times of great inspiration which come from Him. Don’t always expect God to give you His thrilling moments, but learn to live in those common times of the drudgery of life by the power of God.”
Excerpt From: Oswald Chambers “My Utmost for His Highest.” 
Everyone wants to live on the mountain top. To have enough money to go and do what we would like without the worry of having to hold down a job, cook, mow the grass or wash laundry. And yet life without responsibilities isn’t reality. People long to have the title, but to bear the weight of decision making and the responsibility that comes with the job is often an after thought. It is easy to desire all the glimmer without the mundane. 
Life was never meant to be a series of mountaintop experiences. Jesus said, “In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” – (John 16:33) The true stage of life is to be played out in everyday settings, surrounded by an audience of common individuals who live life with us.  
If you find your life dull and lacking luster, take heart! The everyday valley is where God has ordained that we live life as an example of Him. It takes nothing extraordinary to be a Godly example when all is going well, but when life throws a curve and there is no glitter to be found, that is the true test of our allegiance to Christ. It is in those moments that we discover if our relationship is genuine or only skin deep. It is in those real life moments that the power of Christ can most readily impact those witnesses who are observing us. 
What image of Christ are others seeing when they observe your life?

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