Corporate Worship aka “Going to Church”

Throughout the years, I have experienced God in amazing ways during corporate worship, but honestly those unique moments have been few and far between. Much of the time spent corporately, I would not consider extraordinary. Like many others, I experience God most profoundly when I am alone with Him. Why is it then that pastors continually talk about the importance of church attendance?
In a class, my professor shared a conversation he had with his friend who was thinking of leaving the church. His comment has been circling my mind for months. He said, “Perhaps you think that you don’t need the church, but maybe, they need you!”
Have you ever thought about the fact that the corporate church needs you? Going to church should not be wholly centered around what we can get from the experience, but we should also consider what we can give to God and His people. 
No matter our opinion on Corporate Worship, one thing is for certain, Jesus values His church and by following His example, we should too. 

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