Holy ground; A place unfamiliar to the masses. 

“Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”—Exodus 3:5
Often we get caught up in the routine of our day or church that we fail to recognize holy ground. Distracted we ignore God’s presence and consequently miss entering into true worship. Our days move along swiftly from one task to the next, without affording moments with The Creator. Our minds are filled with things to do and problems to solve. In church our thoughts wander as the worship leader sings another song and continue to drift as the preacher delivers the sermon. 
How routinly we allow the cares of this world and the light and momentary troubles to render us blind and deaf to the presence and voice of our Maker. But when we think about the fact that The Creator of the Universe wants to have a relationship with us; the Divine desiring to know me…to know you! How is it even possible for us to not stand in awe? 
Moses stood in awe of God as he “stopped” and “looked” at the bush that was burning, but not consumed. Moses allowed God to catch his attention. Mesmerized, he then turned toward God and heard Him.  
Worshiping God should be anything but drab! Like Moses, when we encounter Jesus we should walk away forever changed. 
But do we? 

One thought on “Holy ground; A place unfamiliar to the masses. 

  1. Right, Kina,
    As I prep for this Writer’s Festival all weekend, I’ve been in communion with the Lord. But then I still get…”taken over” with doing and worry–the opposite of faith and leaving it all to the Lord’s directing Spirit. Amazingly, He still draws me back to listen and trust!

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