Pleasing Him

“We make it our aim . . . to be well pleasing to Him.”(2 CORINTHIANS 5:9) 
“It requires a conscious decision and effort to keep our primary goal constantly in front of us. It means holding ourselves to the highest priority year in and year out; not making our first priority to win souls, or to establish churches, or to have revivals, but seeking only to be well pleasing to Him. …… My worth to God publicly is measured by what I really am in my private life. Is my primary goal in life to please Him and to be acceptable to Him, or is it something less, no matter how lofty it may sound?”

What more can I add to this? Are we pleasing Him in how we live, think and act? Are we following Him or are we too busy doing “important” things publicly that we don’t have time for Him privately? It’s easy to get caught up in doing loftily things, that we no longer have time for that which is truly important. 

Excerpt From: Chambers, Oswald. “My Utmost for His Highest.” March 17th reading Discovery House Publishers. iBooks. 

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