The Good Life

People refer to “The Good Life” as something to aspire to or long for. But what is The Good Life? Merriam-Webster defines it as a life marked by a high standard of living. Urban dictionary refers to it as living life drama and worry free. It goes on to say, “Just live your life, have fun, be positive, and you will be living “The Good Life.” 
Is living “The Good Life” really all that “good”? Is it all to which one should aspire? 
As a response to the tragedy of WWII, many of America’s greatest ministries were birthed. Sadly, today, instead of flourishing, these ministries are closing their doors. 
Through hardship and trials people look to God, but when life is easy we have little need for Him. It’s no wonder that American morals have plummeted and, as a country, we have distanced ourselves from Godly principles. 
A question on my daughter’s History test the other day asked about the cause of moral decline in American culture. The answer pointed to the fact that when life is easy people often forsake God. As a Christian, I have seen it countless times. When life is difficult we more readily press into God, but when everything is going smoothly He rarely takes center stage. 
Who would have thought? 
-The Good Life may not be so “good” after all. 

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