The Art of Saying “No”!

(Part 3)
Setting boundaries is a necessary part of life and yet can be so difficult to do. For most, it is nothing more than learning to use one tiny word, the word “No”. It is amazing that many people have no idea how to say “No”! Learning how to construct boundaries by implementing this word can be liberating, especially for ministers and yet can take a bit of fortitude to put into practice. 
Learning to say “No”, directly opposed the mistake of over commitment, giving vital time to bring stability in our lives. It creates essential parameters which in turn safeguard our health, marriage and family. It can also give life to true ministry: the kind where we work “with” God and not “for” God nor man. If you understand what I am saying and buy into the idea of setting boundaries in your life, you will quickly learn that not everyone appreciates them. Therefore, mustering the courage to say “No” requires effort! Because of this, setting boundaries is something that not everyone accomplishes.
Just because something is difficult, does not mean that it is not worthwhile. In fact, most things beneficial require a bit of effort on our part. So if you need to bring balance to your life or if you would like to become more effective in the ministry God has given you, I urge you to learn The Art of Saying “No”!

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