Two very important words

(Part 2)

It seems to go without saying, but if a minister’s personal life is in shambles, he is actually of little use to anyone. He can be especially ineffective and even detrimental serving in God’s ministry. Oh, I’m not saying that he can’t work for God, in fact ministry positions are constantly filled with individuals endlessly “working for God”. But when we as ministers neglect our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our health and family, we become ineffective in our service to God and we often fail to make the distinction between working for God and working with God. In those moments burnout is often just around the corner. 
It is important that we take time daily with The Lord to worship Him and to enjoy His presence. In that quiet place we can hear His voice and determine His will for our lives. We can see more clearly where He is working and discover where He wants us to join Him. Spending time with Him also identifies areas in our life & His ministry which we are neglecting. In quiet moments with Him we can begin to regroup and prioritize. 

(It’s then we can ponder two very important words: No & Yes…..)

One thought on “Two very important words

  1. Rae says:

    Amen, Kina, Amen!

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