Lazy Saturday Moment


It’s Saturday and I’m sitting in the rocker. For a moment life is peaceful. (Well until I started to write, now it seems everyone has a question. LoL)

Today began early. I woke at 3:45am. The band in the plaza was still playing loudly. It’s festival time in our town, which means 10 nights of loud bands and Mexican fireworks. (All bang, no beautiful lights) I had set my alarm for 4:10, but 3:45 was close enough. Our last outreach team for the season left this morning. Hence the getting up before the party goers left the plaza to call it a night. 
I was at the Hope House by 4:30am and the vans were packed and ready by 5:30am. I said my goodbyes and soon after Rodney & Jacques pulled out headed to the airport. 
The girls and I returned home and were back in bed by 6:00am, just in time for the noisy barrage of morning fireworks to begin. An hour later I heard the doorbell ring and knew instantly that Rodney was locked out of the house. (Again about 15 minutes before my alarm was scheduled, I was awake.) The rest of the morning speed by with Physical Therapy for Zion, a Hope House board meeting and a trip to Walmart. We made it home in time for a 2 o’clock Mexican lunch and a short siesta. The girls and I played with the Super Spirograph which Zion got for her birthday and now it is time to get ready for a friends wedding. 
And that is how my Lazy Saturday turned into a Lazy Saturday Moment. 

One thought on “Lazy Saturday Moment

  1. Betty Garnett says:

    I can sort of relate, although I only had one child. Nevertheless, most of us can relate to the Lazy Saturday “Moment”. Thank you for another moment from your life!

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