Only in Mexico

Many things that were once strange and unusual to me in Mexico have become common place. So lately I have purposed to “see” these delightful differences so that I can share them with you. One sight immediately came to mind. I intended to make an effort to get a photo to share with you, but before I had the chance to hunt down this treasure, God arranged a divine appointment for me. As I walked out of the hair salon today I had the perfect photo op. It was better than I could have imagined. I quickly snapped a couple of photos & bought some mangos just to position myself in a better location for a close up shot. (I figured the least I could do was to pay $15 pesos in order to better share this with you.)  
I guess you could say that this car is the Mexican equivalent of the American Ice Cream Truck or perhaps a modern day food truck. Well this “food car” moves from place to place throughout the lakeside. As the owner works, her 2 young children play quietly inside the car. Outside with the trunk propped open she prepares Respadas (flavored shaved ice) and Fruta Picada (diced seasonal fruit). The shaved ice comes in many delicious flavors: vanilla, Jamica (pronounced hi-mica), pecan, strawberry and coconut are a few favorites. After shaving the ice with a small metal hand-held shaver, it is placed into a plastic cup. Then it is covered with a decadent mixture of fruit or nuts & syrup. It comes with both a straw, & spoon, because it is truly a food and a beverage. The tropical fruit has been sanitized, pealed, diced and then also placed in a plastic cup. It is accompanied with a fork. For about a dollar you can enjoy fresh mangos, jicama, cucumber, pineapple, papaya or watermelon. All accompanied, of course, with the traditional Mexican topping of chile, lime, and salt. Either snack can be placed in a small plastic togo bag if your not planning on eating them immediately. But who can wait?!?! I’m mean, who doesn’t love “Respadas” & “Fruta Picada” both traditional Mexican treats which are bound to make your mouth water! 


3 thoughts on “Only in Mexico

  1. Ann McCraven says:

    Love this. Thanks Kina for the “trip” to Mexico. I can see why you, Rodney and the children love this place.

  2. Betty Garnett says:

    Love this…about how many pesos for each item?

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