Labor & Rest: a delicate balance

I’ve suffered from fatigue since I was a teenager. I have no idea if it was early onset of fibromyalgia or something else, but I can remember being bone tired and sleeping for days during holidays and vacations from school. When I was in College I would actually sleep through an hour of my alarm clock sounding and then continue sleeping, missing my first class all together. At that time, it never dawned on me there there is a delicate balance between work and rest. In recent years I have been more and more convinced that God’s Sabbath mandate of rest is a gift which many in our generation (me included) have neglected to unwrap. 
This week I was re-reading an article in TableTalk magazine (February 2015 edition). The magazine cover caught my attention with its’ bold title “Labor and Rest: Finding the Right Balance”. As I opened the cover and read the editor, Burk Parsons’ article, entitled ALL THINGS WELL, I was met with fascinating thoughts about balancing labor and rest/ ministry and family. Here is an excerpt which particularly caught my attention. “Both labor and rest are creation ordinances given to us by God before the fall, they are given to us for our good and for God’s glory, and God calls us to work hard so that we can rest hard. By God’s design, the most revolutionary thing we could do in our busy, fast-paced society is take one day every week to rest and worship with our family and friends. However, we are living in a generation that doesn’t rest well because it doesn’t know what it really means to work hard, play well and say no to various opportunities and activities. And too often, the culprit is the local church that programs its people with so many activities that people have no time left to spend with their families and friends to enjoy life together and rest together- let alone take care of widows and orphans.”
I had never considered rest as something that brings God glory. Have you?
Do you plan rest into your weekly schedule?
Are you able to say no to various opportunities and activities in order to honor God with your rest?
What do you think about the idea that at times church activities keep us so busy that it often doesn’t leave time for rest…let alone time for taking care of widows and orphans?
Have you ever been involved in a church like this? Are you currently involved in one? (If so, is that ok?)
Rest is essential for us in order to live a healthy life. In our fast paced world, saying no may be difficult. In fact it may be a skill that is only honed through practice, but including rest into your weekly routine is not only a healthy choice but God honoring. 
I would love to hear your thoughts & how you incorporate rest into your week.  


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