Think Before You Speak

When I was a little girl, my mom would say to me “Kina, thinking before you speak.” Now days I’m afraid that far to many of us do just the opposite, we speak before we think. As I contemplate this idea, I am especially thinking of all the “speaking” that is done in social media.The 
When I write, especially about experiences I have had, I often omit specific details. Instead of giving you all the particulars, I deliberately choose to be vague. Sometimes I simply present thoughts, emotions, or even my reactions. I intentionally write this way, never meaning to expose all details to the general public.
In light of my recent post on Strength & Vuneralibility this concept may seem contradictory, but today I’m not focusing on my ability to be open, but rather my need for prudence. In a world filled with opportunities for instant unedited publishing, it is essential to use discretion before allowing every thought and opinion I have enter the public domain.
What a difference it would make if we all heeded the old adage of thinking before we speak. Imagine the problems, misunderstandings and hurt feelings which could be avoided if every word could be scrutinized before being released.
Unfortunately, each of us does not have the luxury of employing a personal editor. Instead we think, we write, we post and then we forget. Perhaps overlooking how our words effect, hurt or offend others. In some cases we share other’s stories which were never ment for us to share or we tell how others have hurt us, not considering how our comments could hurt them in return. Do we not realize the consequences of our words? Is this today’s norm, to throw care to the wind & share without regret? Or is it possible that the idea of thinking before we speak still rings true in our hearts?
Perhaps we must learn to become our own editors! Training ourselves to refrain from expressing every thought which comes through our minds. Using good judgement sprinkled with a little common sense to help reclaim the valuable discipline our Moms once taught us of thinking before we speak. 

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