My Friend

I have a friend, I have only known her for a few years. She is faithful and always committed to spending time with me. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t hear from her. I have learned so much from her and I have grown because of having spent time with her. And although faithfulness is a wonderful trait and I have become a better person because of having known her, I can’t say that I enjoy her company. She is a real pain! Her name is Fibromyalgia.

Pain, intense pain…everywhere…all the time. Most days it is bearable, but some days I want to run from it. On a scale from one to ten my pain is usually around a three or four, sometimes it hits a nine and on those days I find myself wanting to escape my skin. No matter the level, pain is always demanding my attention. Often I find it difficult to concentrate, and other times I am able to dismiss it. For a moment, usually when I am busy, my mind tunes out the pain. But when I am quiet and still it is always faithful to return. Most nights when I lie down to rest, everything hurts. Pain often demands my attention and sometimes robs me of sleep. In those moments I usually write….:-)


One thought on “My Friend

  1. In my opinion, pain is one of the most difficult feelings to live with and stay healthy. Pain is debilitating and sadly, when allowed to be our ruler will completely overwhelm us in emotion, mind, body, and soul. Of course it is most prominent in the body, but can be damaging over time to the emotions, mind, and soul. Praise God that you are aware and accepting God’s grace…Love you!

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