Blue Rose

Our youngest is becoming quite the painter. Following in her fathers artistic footsteps she creates abstract images which cause those of us who are less artistic to ask “what is it?” The other day she entered the kitchen and asked if I would like her to paint something for me. I eagerly agreed. She then asked me what I would like for her to paint. Trying to encourage her to paint something a bit more concrete, I responded “How about some flowers?” “Which ones?”, she responded, “Would you like me to paint these roses?” I agreed. “If I paint these I would paint them blue” she said, making reference to the blue roses in Alice and Wonderland. Then we both went about our day. Later, while I was in the garden, she came to me with a huge smile on her face. “Here’s your rose!” she said. Then she handed me one long stem rose whose petals had been completely covered in blue paint.






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