My friend Maria 5

Maria (the final saga)

Maria’s daughter called on Saturday morning and explained the surgery options, I was asleep when I answered the phone. I remember being taken back that Maria was still waiting for surgery. The dangers from a melon sized cyst filled with parasites rupturing in her body could be deadly. A few days later I spoke with her as she was finally on the gurney headed for surgery. Later that day I went to visit my doctor. He asked if I had spoken with Maria. To my surprise he knew more about her condition than I did. A friend from the hospital had called him with information. He explained that the reason Maria had waited so long for surgery was because her blood clotting times were three times longer than the norm and any surgery before her levels were normal could result in hemorrhaging. It had taken a bit longer to prepare Maria’s body for surgery, but the good news was soon she would be well.

After the surgery, Maria’s recovery took about a week. On the following Monday evening around 8:30pm I received a phone call from her daughter. Maria was going to be discharged within the hour. Unfortunately I would not get to see her for another week. I was scheduled to go out of town the next morning and would would be out of town until the following Saturday evening. I was disappointed that I would not get to see Maria right away, but I was equally excited that she was healing and headed home.

When I arrived back in town, I walked to Maria’s house for a visit. It was good to see her. She sat on the side of her bed, tethered to a drainage tube. She was weak and frail, but on the mend. She told me how very thankful she was for all my help and I told her how very honored I am to have been able to help.

As Maria recovers please continue to keep her in your prayers.

2 thoughts on “My friend Maria 5

  1. Betty Garnett says:

    I loved this series, especially that it ended “correctly”, just as I would have planned it. Praise Him!

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