My Friend Maria 4

Maria (Part 4)

As I held Maria’s frail hand and helped her onto the gurney, I over heard the nurse say that there were only 2 more observation spaces available. We had passed through the “secret tunnel” and were actually entering the observation area. Thankfully we were one step closer to our goal of Maria being admitted into the hospital. The difference between the waiting room and the observation area quickly caught my attention. The sights, sounds and smells were in complete contrast to one another.

The gurney was pushed through the passageways and came to a complete stop at an area which was labeled space #24. This is where Maria would stay during the observation phase of her journey. After the nurse and I helped Maria change into the required hospital gown and then climb back onto the gurney, I was asked to leave. I would meet the others outside of the building in a large courtyard and wait until Maria’s assigned nurse summonsed us with the long awaited decision of whether they would admit Maria to the Hospital or send her home.

I looked around the courtyard, many of the sick who were originally in the waiting room had been banished there. I wondered how long they would have to wait to be given the chance to see a doctor. After all this was Friday afternoon and nightfall was fast approaching.

We waited patiently, as the sun moved in the sky above us. One by one various nurses and doctors stepped into the courtyard. With every call for family members we sat on edge listening for Maria’s name. Finally Maria’s nurse appeared with the report. Yes, they would admit her and continue the necessary studies to prepare her for surgery.

I let out a sigh of relief knowing that my phase of this journey was coming to an end. From here Maria would be assigned a room which she would share with five other women. Each woman required to have their personal around the clock attendant. That would most likely be Maria’s daughter or sister. I could physically do nothing more. She was in God’s hands and at the mercy of the doctors at the Civil Hospital.

The drive home was gloriously uneventful. And once there I slept all night Friday night and all day Saturday. In the late afternoon, I woke just in time for dinner and a movie with Rodney and the girls. It had been a long week and my body was demanding rest. After the movie, I quickly returned to bed. I didn’t wake until 10am Sunday morning. The migraine which I had since Friday morning had finally dissipated, now all that remained was a dull ache and the question of what would happen next

One thought on “My Friend Maria 4

  1. Betty Garnett says:

    An amazing journey and to think there’s more to come!

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