My Friend Maria 2

Maria (Part 2)

Before I had an opportunity to visit Maria, I saw her sister and daughter in town. They shared with me that Maria had been diagnosed with Typhoid Fever and had been sick in bed for over a month. Immediately I made it my priority to go for a visit. When I walked in the door Maria grabbed hold of me and began to cry. She was weak, pale and scared. She shared with me that she had been bed bound for several weeks, and that although she could get up now, she wasn’t feeling much better. I prayed with her and I stayed to visit for as long as I could before I needed to return home.

Two weeks ago on Thursday night, Maria’s daughter called. She wanted to know if I was available to drive Maria to the doctor. I was concerned that Maria had taken a turn for the worse. Fortunately she had not! Her daughter had just called in the evening because that was the only time she could accompany Maria to the doctor. Through a series of questions I realized that Maria had seen many doctors and wasn’t getting much better. I asked if she would mind if I took Maria to see my doctor on Friday morning.

The week that followed is mostly a blur. We began on Friday morning early and we’re waiting for the doctor when he arrived. He graciously saw Maria without an appointment. And after some lab work, confirmed that she did not have Typhoid. Blood work also indicated that she was severely anemic and about a liter and a half low on blood. After that day, Maria and I spent a week straight of visiting doctors, completing lab work and having additional procedures. I held her hand and prayed for her while she cried in fear every time nurses took blood or inserted an IV. I explained test results and was in the room for both her endoscopy and CatScan. I worked by her side when she received an IV full of iron. And all along I held the deep dark secret, that two doctors suspected that she had cancer.

Friday a week ago, Maria heard her diagnosis. We sat together as the doctor explained what had been found. To my relief, it was not cancer, but rather a melon size cyst inside her liver that is filled with amoebas. I watched Maria carefully as the doctor explained that it would be potentially fatal if the cyst ruptured before it could be removed. After witnessing her response to lab work, I was convinced that upon hearing the news she would completely loose her composure. But, I was surprised and so proud of her as she listened intently without a tear.

According to the doctor we needed to act fast…..but how?

4 thoughts on “My Friend Maria 2

  1. When can we expect part 3? I can hardly wait and would love to meet sweet Maria some day! She must be precious to you!

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