My Week

Many times I have been asked to describe my week. It’s very difficult to tell such a thing, for it is always changing. But I took a bit of time last week to log my activities. So. Here goes……..

SATURDAY (So much to finish before dental surgery in Monday)
Visit friend who is recovering from surgery
Take dogs to vet
Take G to friends to work on class project due Monday
Apt. with physical therapist
Pick up T from school camping trip
Pick up G from friends
Pick up dogs from vet
Family movie night

Grill hot dogs for lunch (ran out of gas in grill)
Wash school uniform (Last minute discovery of unwashed Monday uniform)
Menu plan for the week
Prepare grocery list
Get kids in bed early (5:30 Monday morning comes early.) (Failed attempt)
Mopped house

Wash clothes (R & K)
Tidy house
Devotional & Prayer
Write encouraging emails to friends in need
Administrative staff meeting at Hope House
Lab for pre-surgery blood work (collapsed vein-big bruise)
Hand carry fresh plasma to dentist office
Dental surgery
Lunch with family (I ordered a glass of ice to put in my plastic ice pack. 🙂
Wal-Mart- buy weekly groceries & medication
Pick T up from Violin
Pass out on bed

Rest and recover from surgery in morning
Review 80 page IRS document with Rodney for new 501(c)(3)
Work on attachments for 80 page document
Tried to eat a bit of chicken enchilada- (boy did it taste good, boy is my mouth sore)
Sleep early with ice pack

Accompany R & Nahum to Guadalajara to sign paperwork for Mexican government regarding tax-deductable receipts for Hope House
Office Depot- but office supplies
Mac Store- pick up IPad (service center replaced my defective iPad under warrantee 🙂
Return just in time to pick up girls from school (slept on ride)
Late lunch-broth, still can’t eat anything substantial
Drop Trinity at Violin
Pass out in bed with ice pack
Awaken by friend needing to be taken to the doctor

6:30 am pick up Maria to take to doctor
7:30 am drop girls off at school
7:45 am first in line at doctors office
Maria has blood work and physical exam, is severely anemic and low on blood, possible internal bleeding, possible stomach ulcer or tumor-endoscopy scheduled for Saturday. (Doctor charged us NOTHING Praise God!!!)
Buy fruits and vegetables for Maria
Pharmacy for Maria
Pay bill
Pick up R
Take Maria home
Cook lunch
Meet with builder to discuss project completion at Hope House and possible future work options
Homework with girls
Mop house
Rest with ice pack- more pain today than previous days
Wake to accompany R while picking up G from swimming and Z from gymnastics

Wake in lots of pain- Glad I’m returning to the dentist on Monday!
Morning devotional and prayer time
Breakfast of vitamins, apple sauce and pain meds
Cooked breakfast for Rodney
Hope House staff meeting
Meeting with Hope House administrator Nahum
Ismael, a boy who ran away years ago from Hope House has returned looking for work. We visited with him, Nahum will interview him and we will pray.
Coffee with Rodney
Pick up girls from school
Mailed important documents and letters to US
lunch- soft potato salad, chicken strips- still a little difficult to eat
Dropped girls off with Karlee
Shopped for bathroom tile and sink (no luck)
Date night-$3 movie with Rodney (smuggled applesauce in movie- no way I can eat popcorn 😦
(Date has been a salvation for our marriage! Only rule- we can not discuss work.)
Home-pain meds- bed

Oversleep, must have turned off the alarm
Awake to a call from Maria’s daughter- she can not get off work to accompany her mother to the endoscopy
Rush to get ready- throw applesauce, yogurt, & banana in togo bag.
Pick up Maria, (she looks better than she did on Thursday) Her 11 year old grand daughter will be accompanying us. (I did not know that)
We are running late, the doctors are running later!
9:30 appointment translates into 1:00
Maria is scared, spent a lot of time trying to distract her. (Blessed to be here with Maria)
The doctor recognizes me from Rodney’s endoscopy a few years ago. He allows me to stay with Maria during the procedure.
Good news- upper GI is clean, no problems what so ever
Bad news- urgent need for a CatScan, doctor suspects abdominal or lower GI tumor. Made an appointment for Monday with the General Practitioner to see where we can go for the test.
The closest lab is in Guadalajara
Great News- All 5 doctors decided to not charge us for the endoscopy!
Saved $3500 pesos (Thank you Jesus!)
2:30 Returned home, Realized that my tooth hurt so bad, my entire head felt like it would shoot off. (I thought I was supposed to be getting better instead of worse.) Started on antibiotics and took more pain meds.
Slept through family movie night 😦
Finally -go back to bed. I’m sure glad I am returning to the dentist on Monday.

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