Maria Elena

I woke early last Saturday. I quickly got ready and left the house headed to see my friend MaElena. MaElena has been a friend and prayer warrior for our family for many years. She has also helped in our home for the last 7 years until her spleen more than doubled in size and she was hospitalized. After many test she was diagnosed with cancer. She was allowed to return home while the doctors continued to examine the biopsy to determined how best to treat her.

Feebly on the bed she laid. Concerned about her family and youngest son who is only 13, we prayed together and asked God for mercy and healing. The next week, she had a meeting with the doctor to discuss treatment. Upon arrival, she received amazing news. All of the test results came back cancer free! This news was a blessing and miracle from God!

We praised God, that He had freed her from cancer, but we also prayed for her complete health. She was still sick. After months of tests and being hospitalized doctors finally decided to remove her spleen. Surgery determined the gallbladder had to go as well. A few days later she returned to her Mothers house where someone could tend to her and dress her wound. A week later she got pneumonia and was returned to the hospital. Finally she was released and she returned home. I have been trying to go visit for the last week but for one reason or another I haven’t made it. That is why Saturday morning I woke early and left the house before my normal activities began.

I hesitantly announced my arrival, slightly embarrassed for visiting so early in the morning. It didn’t matter, she was delighted to see me, and I her. I can’t express the joy I got just seeing her stand at the stove and prepare breakfast for her family. She looked good; stronger and healthier than I had seen her in months. God is good!

While visiting, she shared that the doctors have finally given her a diagnoses: Sickle Cell Anemia. Her doctors suspect that she has had it since birth and after hearing all the symptoms we suspect her grandmother had it as well. Although there are a few treatments to help alleviate the symptoms, there is no cure for this genetic disease. When I asked her about treatment, she shared with me about a risky bone marrow transplant, that could bring some relief, but said with a smile, “I’ve lived with it this long before having a problem, I guess I will be fine for a few more years.”

I love this lady and ask that you keep her and her family in your prayers as she continues to recover.


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