Moldy Fingernails

Did you know that mold can grow under your fingernails?
It’s true.

Eleven years ago just before Zion was born we rented a house here in Mexico. It was a musty and humid home. The bathroom sky light leaked and we were constantly combating mold around its seal. The master closet was so humid that the wooden shelves also molded. Needless to say the closet quickly became off limits. While living in that house we truly learned to hold material possessions very loosely. We lost shoes, belts, and clothes, all to the mold infestation.

One day I noticed that Trinity, then about 3 years old, had the dirtiest little fingernails. I cleaned them, and later noticed that mine were dirty too. The next day I noticed that once again we both had dirty fingernails. I just couldn’t imagine what we had been doing to get so much dirt under our finger nails.

I do not remember how long it took me to figure out that what I thought was dirt was in fact mold.

Rodney, Trinity and I actually had mold growing under our fingernails.
I never knew that was possible.
Did you?

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