Change is never easy, even when we know that it is necessary. We are creatures of habit, often unwilling to veer from our routine, even if it results in our detriment. Alas crisis, proves faithful to bring about the decision which we are otherwise unwilling to make. The end state often better then the current routine in which we are living. Oh change, why do we fear you so?

One thought on “Change

  1. Change is never enticing save only to certain individuals. (I personally cannot think of one person that I know who likes or looks forward to change, unless of course, it is the one who is unhappy with the status quo, be it me or someone else…) At any rate, I agree with you that the heart that trusts God should look forward to anything he offers us at any time. (Forgive me, I read that into what you actually said.) Is it difficult for us to trust God? Perhaps the answer to that is YES and that we need “Just a Closer Walk With Thee!”

    Love you Kina, thanks for the wonderful posts! I love them. You so resonate with me…or should I say I resonate with you??? – BG

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