“…’No sir, ain’t no cure for what you got, but I can fix you something to stop the pain in your bones so you can rest.’ He closed his eyes and didn’t say another word. He’s to proud to ask a slave like me for anything else.”
“Too proud? Even though he was dying?”
“Pride has a way of turning our hearts hard over the years unless we let God soften them up again. That’s why God puts all kinds of troubles in our path, hoping they’ll do the trick-just like cooking them beans in hot water all day turns them soft. Our trials are supposed to turn us toward God, but we whine and complain and wish someone would turn down the fire so we could have our old life back the way it was.”
She paused again and I didn’t prod her to continue her story. I had a feeling her story was for me…”

Excerpt from “Wonderland Creek”
By: Lynn Austin

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