When I was a little girl I had a pet cat. She was a gift from some friends who had rescued her. I remember the afternoon I got her. She was so small and fragile. I had to feed her with an eye dropper until she grew enough to eat on her own. As she grew I would turn her on her back like a baby, hold and feed her. She would grasp the bottle with her paws. I named her snowball because of the small white patch of fur on her neck. Oddly enough, other than that white spot, she was completely black.

Snowball was my playmate & confidant. As an only child, she became my enduring friend. I know growing up without her would have been extremely lonely. I suppose it was a small miracle that she survived her first few days of life.

Evidently her mother, while looking for a place to give birth was locked in a trailer. Our friends were hiking through the woods when they came upon that abandoned trailer. They heard faint cries from within and decide to break open the door and rescue the little kitten. They were not prepared for what the discovered. Momma cat had died along with all of the kittens except two. Just days old Snowball had wandered away from the others and found a small cable hole to use for breathing and to cry for help. Her cries miraculously made it to the ears of our friends who saved her.

If God thought it important enough to rescue a little kitten, how much more will God answer our cries for help. Like King David we can say…
“Out of my distress I called on the LORD; the LORD answered me and set me free.”
Psalm 118:5

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