Typical Days

Many times people ask me what a typical day looks like as missionaries in Mexico. That question is always difficult to answer since each day is full and every week is different. So I thought by sharing a bit of a letter I wrote I would attempt to provide a glimpse into our daily lives.

“The last two weeks all the girls have been out of school for Easter Vacation. The first week we hosted an outreach team and this week we have been doing random things, so both weeks have been mostly a blur. We had a team of 22 from a private school in California come & host a sports camp for the boys and also did several work projects at Hope House. Karlee and I cooked lunch and dinner for 30 people every day while they were here. The girls took turns helping in the kitchen. Rodney was in charge of the work projects, driving the van & emergencies, as well as his normal duties at Hope House. Over the years recovering from such busy weeks is not as easy as it used to be when we were younger.

This week each day has been different. Monday all the girls joined us at Monday Market. We go there each week to sell items from the Carpentry workshop at Hope House. We began attending this ex-patriot market in December of last year to try to help Hope House a little financially and also for some positive community public relations. Things there are really slow now that many of the Americans and Canadians have returned north for the summer. We haven’t sold any wood products in the last few weeks, but each week we are able to speak with someone on behalf of Hole House so I continue going. I am learning how to sell, which is not a skill that I possess, so I find I am being stretched beyond my comfort zone. Tuesday I ran errands, took all the bikes to be repaired and dropped off some pants at the seamstress, after that I had a meeting at Hope House which lasted several hours. Wednesday we had a family day. You would think with the girls being out of school we would have more time as a family, however sadly it was the first day we had together just to enjoy each-other since Easter break began. Thursday we spent 5 hours at the hair salon! (Can you imagine!) Haircuts for six in a culture where “time is something you fill” instead of where “time is “money”, becomes an all day event. Tomorrow we have an all day fundraiser at the lakefront for Hope House. Sunday is church and then Monday school begins again and it will be back to “work”. 😉

As I look ahead to next week, I pull out my “todo” list. I am looking at a ton of projects that are all necessary. It is filled with activities and projects which don’t tend to make me feel like I’ve accomplished anything but will consume an exorbitant amount of time.
1) Make an appointment with US Consulate to renew 2 passports. Prepare documents & photos for appointment.
2) Make appointment with Mexican immigration to complete phase 2 of our US born girls residential visas. This will include a trip to the photographer for visa photos and then later the girls being fingerprinted at immigration. Both photographs and fingerprints will then be sent to Mexico City where the visas are processed and about 6 weeks later we should have to schedule an appointment to return to immigration to pick up the new visas.
3) Make appointment with lawyer to discuss progress on corrections being made to the two birth certificates of the girls who were born in Mexico. This has been a 7 year long process with still no end in sight. 😁
4) Follow up on status of van legalization so that our 15 passenger van can have Mexican license plates.
5) Schedule appointments for Rodney & I to obtain our Mexican Drivers License.
6) Finish accounting for outreach team expenses and prepare report.
7) Write “thank-you” cards.
8) Visit friend who has been hospitalized for the last week and a half.
9) Begin writing Shepherd’s Heart’s monthly statement
10) Assist Rodney in completing 501(c)(3) paperwork.
11) Prepare schedule for next outreach team.
Not to mention Cook, clean house, wash laundry, water garden, grocery shop, oh & rest.

After summarizing 3 weeks of our activities the only conclusion I can come to is that there are no typical days as a missionary.

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