Mission Trip

A team of 18 youth and 4 chaperones arrive on the “Red Eye” from California tomorrow morning at 4:30am. Today my head is reeling with last minute plans and preparations that have to be finalized. We have been arranging and cleaning the team house this week and it is almost ready. Tonight Karlee (adopted missionary daughter), Annel (friend who has been our sitter for years) and our girls will be printing, laminating and hanging signs in the house which give important cultural instructions to visitors from the states.

Instructions like, “Don’t use tap water to brush your teeth”, “Please do not throw toilet paper in the toilet” & “Wear shoes at all times, SCORPIONS live here” will be strategically placed throughout the house as reminders of cultural differences while visiting the mission field.

While the girls work on the final details Rodney and I are going to steel away for a coffee and a few moments together before all the chaos begins. The next 8 days will be extremely busy and long. Our entire family will pass like ships in the night until next Saturday when after taking the team to the airport at 2:30AM we will all fall over exhausted. But for now there is no time for rest. Instead we are reviewing final details and hoping to get to sleep early, knowing that when the alarm sounds at 3:00AM we will need to hit the floor running. For the next week we will have a sports camp for the Hope House boys, complete 4 work projects, serve 3 meals a day for 30 people, translate language/translate culture, make new friends, laugh and cry and a hand full of other activities.

In the midst of hosting this mission team, I pray that we don’t loose sight of the reason for the season. I hope that somehow the business will help to remind us of another busy time about 2000 years ago when the King of Kings was ushered into Jerusalem on a different type of mission trip. One that ended in eternal rest and salvation for those who choose to believe in Him as Savior.

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