Written the week before Christmas…..

Oh how I’ve wanted to write. It helps me process and think things through. Lately we have been so busy. Each day a race to see how many activities can fit into the 24 hour span. Tasks are left half done…dishes to put away, others…dirty fill the sink, mounds of clean towels to fold, trash to empty. Everywhere I look there is a project that needs to be completed. We rise early and then go, go, go, until after dark when we finally see the end to our day and then fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

I don’t like living life like this. I much prefer to saunter through my days. And tonight although it is late I just needed a moment to sit in the quiet before going to sleep. How I cherish these still moments…calm moments. Without them I am tense and scattered. I pause…and almost fall asleep mid sentence, (my clue that I should call it a night). And I’m dreading another day of being caught up in the whirlwind that so easy encompasses us.

I wonder…

For three weeks sickness has hit our family members one by one. Like tin cans lined for target practice, we have each been “picked off” one after another. Today, for the most part we are finally on the mend, although there is still one with a lingering cough & another with a sore throat.

For Mom, a sick family means LOTS of extra work. So in my sickness I put on my “nursing hat” & tended to sniffles, administered medication, shuttled to doctor appointments and filled humidifiers as a part of the night time ritual. About a week into this, I just had to chuckle when my youngest looked at me and finally realized that I too, was sick. (There seems to be a rule in the Mothering Guide Book which states: Thou shalt NEVER be sick!)

After a couple weeks of having various combinations of the family members home each day, we arrived at the week where FINALLY everyone was back in school. No one was 100%, but they were good enough to return to school and let Mom have a break. And OH was Mom ready for a break!!!

This was the school schedule during “Mom’s Break”.
9:00am- 1st Grade English Open House, all first graders get out of school immediately following the event. All other kids leave school at normal time.
Saint “Someone’s” Day- Special event at school, all kids leave early immediately following the event.
9:00am- 3rd Grade English Open House, all third graders get out of school immediately following the event. All other kids leave school at normal time.
11:30am- 5th Grade English Open House, all fifth graders get out of school immediately following the event. All other kids leave school at normal time.
I receive the following memo: “Since the week is basically over, we have decided to cancel school altogether today.”

I am only joking!

School was finally back to the “normal” (please note the thick sarcasm in my voice) schedule on Friday, although remembering my days as a school teacher, I am not sure what they managed to accomplish that day.

After a week like that, I wondered if in the previous weeks I had missed a memo letting me know that December was here and school had decided to scrap the normally scheduled classes and begin Christmas vacation early this year.

Feeling a little overwhelmed and lagging behind, I decided to take a quick look at our events between now and Christmas. I wasn’t surprised to discover our days crammed packed with extra practices, recitals, Christmas parties, gift exchanges, special costumes, sing-a-longs and the like.

I wonder if Mary felt this overwhelmed when she learned of the mandatory census that required her to travel to Bethlehem although any day she was expecting to give birth to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I wonder if she was relieved when there was “no room in the Inn”. (Assuming she had traveled among throngs of others thinking that the “Big Event” was something other than Christ’s birth.)

I wonder if she enjoyed the pleasant stillness of the stable animals that night, content to have arrived at the long awaited moment when Emanuel would change the course of humanity forever.

I wonder if I, in the midst of the hustle and bustle will look up and once again see His star in the heavens and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

I wonder…..