10 things you may not know about me

I was an only child and the only grandchild in my family.

I was raised by my Mom & her sister- who were raised by their Mom & her sister.

I always wanted to have 4 daughters.

I wanted to be a missionary since I was in 6th grade.

I am 4 years older than my husband.

When I was a little girl my pet was a black cat named snowball. (Yes, I’m serious.)

I have been to 14 different countries.

My Dad was on both the Minnesota Vikings & the San Diego Chargers football teams but was injured in the preseason games. My Uncle played for both the Washington Redskins & the Green Bay Packers, and played in the first Super Bowl. However, my daughters honestly think football is a sport you play with your feet.

I love Mo’Town Music.

Both my mother and father were coaches, but I have never been able to play a sport with a ball.

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