Baby Steps

Take Baby Steps today. Don’t look to far into the future! Keep your eyes on Me! I will meet your every need and give you strength to stand & walk. Remember to embrace the pain but don’t cling to it. Feel it and then let it pass through you and float away like a cloud. Remember you will have good and bad moments. Don’t feel guilty for either. Cry when you need to cry, but in those brief moments when you smile or laugh and forget the pain, don’t feel guilty. Enjoy the moments as gifts for you…specially wrapped packages to brighten your day.

I have promised to not give you more than you can handle. You can do is! Don’t take your eyes off if me! As you learn to walk on these stormy seas, know your faith is growing stronger and you are growing stronger. It will get easier!

When those around you are falling apart, don’t be pulled under by their inability to understand your steadiness. Love & Serve them…in doing this you are being broken bread and poured out wine for my Glory.

I love you and will never leave nor forsake you. Take a moment to curl up on my lap an let me hold you before the day begins. Then take my hand and let’s walk these little steps together. Like a toddler holding her fathers hand rely on me to sustain you as you take these baby steps.

You can do it! I believe in you!

(A God inspired letter to my dear friend & Shepherd’s Heart Missionary, Karlee as she faces the loss of her Mother. Lisa Blanchard had her “rendez-vous” with Jesus November 17, 2013.)


One thought on “Baby Steps

  1. Betty Garnett says:

    How beautifully penned! A wonderful gift to Karlee! Kina, you are truly a gifted writer!

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