Barn Raising

In early America, whole communities gathered to help each other “raise” or build their barns. My generation knows little of what it is like for an entire community to come together and build a barn or church. That is, laboring together voluntarily, perhaps pouring concrete and carrying block, working toward a collective goal. Yet that is exactly what our brothers and sisters in the Garifuna village of San Juan, Honduras are doing. Due in part to a donation from Shepherd’s Heart supporters, Pastor Cruz and Co-Pastor Jerry, both indigenous community leaders, have been directing their congregation and community in the building efforts of what will be an annex to their sanctuary. This open air pavilion, which is larger than the church sanctuary, will not only provide a covered area for their large children’s ministry, but will also be used for meetings, conferences and social functions hosted at the church. One of the most exciting purposes for this new addition will be during the middle of the day when over 60 local children are fed from the small church kitchen as it will provide shelter from both the heat and rain.




One thought on “Barn Raising

  1. Betty Garnett says:

    It seems the spirit of community is alive and well in Honduras!

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