Adjusting courses

I wonder how many times we have made this trip. (So many that we have lost count.) Head north past the Guadalajara International Airport. Once in Guadalajara, turn North East and drive to Lagos de Moreno.

This next stretch is always the most difficult of the trip and most always driven just before daybreak. Today it was driven in the fog. It is a curious section of highway that has been under construction the entire time we have lived in Mexico. And I am certain that in the past 11 years we have never taken exactly the same route twice.

The poorly marked bypass shaves 45 minutes off our drive time and it is always a disappointment when we miss it. Today, unintentionally, we opted for the more scenic route. 😦 While touring Lagos de Morenos the marked highway abruptly ended. We could see our connection about 200 meters in front of us but the bridge over the railroad tracks had yet to be completed. So instead of proceeding, a highway surveyor pointed us down a dirt road. If this “official route” actually connected with the highway we will never know, but we did have a nice tour of a small community.

In the morning light families lined the streets. We passed a small farm where the cattle were enjoying breakfast and soon after we could smell the unmistakable odor of freshly baking bricks. Although an unwanted intrusion in our day, I so enjoyed seeing the people and this little community. And although the intrusion was enjoyable, It did not take us long to realize that we needed to adjust our course.

Tonight as I lie awake it struck me how much today’s trip resembles life. Sometimes because of circumstances, often by no fault of our own, we realize that our current course will not take us where we need to go. We realize we must adjust. Many times we are hesitant to adjust courses. I suppose there are several reasons for not adjusting. Perhaps we feel adjustment is a sign of failure. Maybe we are so intent on going one way that we don’t realize that God has set a massive roadblock in our path. Whatever the reason, if we will just stop and adjust our course we find that there is another way to reach our destination.

Lord I don’t want to miss your best for me. Please help me to recognize the moments in my life when I need to adjust my course and willingly follow You in a new direction.

(Written during a recent trip to the Mexican/United States border.)

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