The Cashier

While going through the check-out recently at a store in Texas, the cashier asked us from where we were visiting. Giving her question little thought, we simply replied, Guadalajara.

In Mexico when we are asked this question it is usually followed by another question, “and in the States, where are you from? ” They already assume we are not Mexicans. But she did not ask where we were from, but rather from where we were visiting. Our honest answer provoked a very unexpected response.

She immediately began speaking Spanish and said, “Your English is so good! And with green eyes like that you could easily pass for Americans.”

Being taken completely off guard the only response that we could come up with was, “Uh…..Gracias.” Then she continued, “I’ve lived here for two years & your English is much better than mine! And to think… don’t even live here.”

All we could do was wish her a good day and smile as we left the store.

One thought on “The Cashier

  1. Betty Garnett says:

    What a funny and yet very sweet lady you ran into…and so unsuspecting! How gracious of you to let it remain so. In the Mexican culture, it is best done that way so as not to embarrass anyone, right?

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