Roadside Breakfast

Roadside Breakfast

While driving down the Mexican highway I noticed a car pulled over to the side of the road. A few feet from the car was a small billow of smoke rising up into the sky. As we passed I saw an elderly man and woman sitting on makeshift stools beside a small campfire preparing their morning meal. (I smile and think to myself how much I enjoy living here.)

Over the last week I have thought many times about this scene. One so common in Mexico and absolutely unheard of in America. I can’t even count the times I’ve seen brick layers on their lunch break make a small fire to warm their lunch or in the winter months to warm their hands.

At first this sight was strange and unusual to me. But not now. It is a friendly reminder of the warm culture. People who are not in a hurry. People who would rather build a fire and eat a piece of roasted chicken or enjoy the warmth of the fire while heating up a pot of beans and some tortillas than drive through a fast food window. People who would eagerly share half their meal with you or me if we would take the time to visit while they were eating.

As I reminisce, I realize the admiration I have for this culture where: people are more important than things, and time is not money, rather something you fill. And although I enjoy living here immensely, I can’t fathom packing a lunch for our 15 hour road trip which would require such time consuming preparation…..

I am intrigued by their ways and continue thinking of that couple, sitting on the road side and I can’t help but wonder what they were heating over the fire that day.

One thought on “Roadside Breakfast

  1. Betty Garnett says:

    You know, Kina, I think we should stop and ask sometime. The Mexicans are so giving that they would likely invite us to share their food with us. Something to think about and be ready for if they do invite us. I would feel badly to turn them down, b/c it seems to mean a lot to them to be able to share…no matter how little they have! (And that has happened to Eddie and I when we first visited down here in 2005 for 5 days! We fell for the people of Mexico on that trip.

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