I ran across this photo this week from our trip to Honduras and a few days later I stumbled across this journal entry also written while in Honduras. So it seemed appropriate that this week I would share this with you………..

As I study the History of the Christian Church I am humbled and overwhelmed with my insignificance. Who am I that YOU would call me to Your great work & who am I, so small that I could actually make a difference for Your kingdom?

We sat, surrounded by 3 pastors, a handful of church servants and Theadosa. Theadosa a spunky woman with a twinkle in her eye, not only my sister in Christ, but we also share the same birthday, which seemed to speak of God’s providence to us both.

Ten years ago she began the small feeding program in San Juan. She named it “God will provide”, in faith that if she began this work, God would provided for the children in her village. We listened to how the program began & how God has sustained it and yet we heard the desperation in her voice as she struggles to help her people. We see the hope in her eyes that God has brought us here to help.

And all I can think is, Who am I? Who am I God, that you would bring me here? Who am I, that I could help make a difference in their lives? Who am I, but a breath? Here today and tomorrow gone.
And yet Here Am I! Here I am…ready and willing to be a vessel for the love of God and the provision of God to reach this place, these people.

Oh the needs- oh the poverty- & yet they possess something that we Americans are looking for.
Peace, Joy and Happiness resides within them and bubbles up into a quick smile and a hearty laugh.
Oh how I have so much to learn from these precious people!
Thank you God for bringing me here!
I am continually humbled that You call me Yours & that You have purposed to use me for Your Glory.
May You Jesus be lifted up in all that I do…in all that I am!
This is my hope! This is my desire! That every moment of my life will be used to glorify You!

2 thoughts on “Humility

  1. I am left wanting more…I NEED to hear these things…thank you Kina!

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