Laying it Down

Being a missionary is not easy…..daily we are faced with needs beyond our reach.

As founders of the boys home we are exposed to more trauma than our hearts can process and difficult decisions which really have no “good” solution. We wonder how we are going to feed the children, pay the staff and provide all the necessities of life for these tattered souls.

Sinking under constant scrutiny of the Government, the Mexicans, the Americans, the volunteers and the visitors. “Why don’t you do this?……You have to do this!……..I would have done it this way!….. I can’t believe you did that!” Opinions offered with little or no knowledge of the intricate details which daily surround our decisions.

With every State government inspection, a list of mandatory upgrades and installations. Staff-over worked, under paid, exhausted & yet faithful. Constant repairs: the van…..water pump…… refrigerator….. washing machine. “Call the maintenance man”, (Oh, I forgot, we had to let him go last week.)

Mexicans and Americans: like night and day. And we are stuck in the middle of two cultures, we translate the words and then attempt to explain the sentiment behind them. We have lived here long enough to understand the culture and yet unable to effectively explain these differences we are caught in the middle. “Oh Lord, why does it have to be so difficult?”

Sacrifices: health, time, energy, finances, emotions…..

And we take this heavy burden and lay it down at the feet of Jesus. Hoping that one day our job will become easier, but knowing that each day as He fights the battles and meets all the needs our faith grows stronger and stronger.


4 thoughts on “Laying it Down

  1. Kari Romey says:

    Perfectly put. I understand completely!! You and Rodney are in our prayers. We need his strength to do this work! Thank goodness He promises us that.
    Blessings to you both.

  2. Lucinda says:

    The victory has already been won, and He is faithful and capable to wage the battles as you continue yielding. Remember and be encouraged by the many lives you have already touched, and those He will deliver for your help in the future.

  3. Marie says:

    As always, I enjoyed reading your blogs. This one really “hit the spot” for me today. Thank you for the reminder to lay it at Jesus’ feet. I needed to hear that! Missionary life can be so draining and yet so rewarding at the same time.

    • kinadutro says:

      Thank you Marie- this is a concept that has taken me many years to embrace and still there are days that it does not come as easily as others. Thanks for commenting!

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