New Day Dawning

Unable to move
Black fog…not lifting
Dead weight
Slow deep breaths

Eyelids closed
Yet aware
Body Heavy
Morning approaches

I am
Emerging slowly
From the deep abyss
Of sleep
Still unable to move

Deep breath
Fog lifting
Fingers move,
Need more oxygen…….1…..2…..3

Roll over
Legs drop
Push up…
Now Sitting
Still Asleep

Stiff body
Slowly lifting
Room spinning
Now shuffling
This can’t be morning.

I am
Not 95
Although my body
Tells me

Hot shower
Stiffness leaves
Eyes open
Breathing normally
I am alive!

3 thoughts on “New Day Dawning

  1. Well done! Amazing! I felt like it was me!

  2. Lucinda says:

    You do such a marvelous job of expressing things–and I’m comforted to know I’m not alone in these feelings! Keep progressing with the recovery! Lucinda

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