New Day Dawning

Unable to move
Black fog…not lifting
Dead weight
Slow deep breaths

Eyelids closed
Yet aware
Body Heavy
Morning approaches

I am
Emerging slowly
From the deep abyss
Of sleep
Still unable to move

Deep breath
Fog lifting
Fingers move,
Need more oxygen…….1…..2…..3

Roll over
Legs drop
Push up…
Now Sitting
Still Asleep

Stiff body
Slowly lifting
Room spinning
Now shuffling
This can’t be morning.

I am
Not 95
Although my body
Tells me

Hot shower
Stiffness leaves
Eyes open
Breathing normally
I am alive!

Batten Down the Hatches

This time of year rainy season is coming to an end. That is not to say there is no rain, but instead that the rains have changed. Normally rainy season is characterized by bright sunny days which are refreshed with nightly rains. By morning all the clouds have disappeared and shortly after daybreak all the puddles have evaporated. But this time of year, when the grey clouds cover the sky and the steady rain pours for days on end, it can only mean two things………..tropical storm or hurricane.

A friend told me yesterday that according to the weather forecast we are due for 10 more days of rain. So I decided to inquire online for more details. What I saw surprised me……in fact I don’t think we have ever experienced this type of storm. There is a hurricane in the Gulf and a tropical storm in the Pacific both converging together in a swirling motion over Guadalajara.

Having received more than 2.5 inches of rain in the last two days there is no need to point out that the sky is dark and water is everywhere. Dirt roads have turned into giant mud traps and weather that recently felt like spring now is too cold to be mistaken for anything other than hurricane season. And although we are 4 hours inland off the west coast and many more from the east coast, it seems each year the storms get a little worse.

Not only is everything outside wet, but after having throughly soaked through the cement buildings the water begins to make its way inside. At our house we have a delicate waterfall in the corner of our dining room. At Hope House it started as a small steady drip in one of our out buildings, but now is more like a small water fountain trickling in the upstairs hallway of the main house.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to stop the leaks, at least not at the moment. All the cement must be completely dry before repairs can be made. So for now we “batten down the hatches” to weather this storm. But be assured that as soon as the sun comes out and dries the cement we will need to patch and seal all the leaky buildings, before the next “wave” hits.



It is autumn now, the rains have come and it is cool. I am not sure I will ever get used to the difference in seasons here. In Tennessee the hot and muggy days let me know it is time to return to school. Here the heat comes in April, May & 1/2 of June. Once the rains come about mid-June the temperature cools and by the time the kids get out for vacation in July I feel like summer has past us by. According to the school calendar next summer will be even shorter, 20 days shorter to be exact. It will be but a blink and then gone.

But today I look out my window. The clouds have dissipated and the sun is shining. In my yard flowers bloom & the garden is full of lettuce. I have to remind myself that it is autumn, for it seems so much like spring. As I look around, the deep red and firefly orange that in my mind symbolize this season are no where to be found. There are no leaves turning colors, nor floating to the ground. And yet summer has past and the kids have returned again to school and in my mind I imagine the Appalachian Mountains and long to behold their beauty.


Man’s Best Friend

It seems here in Mexico everyone has a dog. The locals have them for protection and the ex-patriots for companionship. At age 40 I decided that I was going to be a dog person. That coupled with the belief that children need pets….it didn’t take long before we acquired the cutest long eared, droopy eyed Bassett Hound. We named him Mojo. He was so small that he could fit in your hands, but quickly grew into an enormously stout creature.

Mojo belongs to my daughter. He is her enduring friend. Although he is massive she still treats him like he is a lapdog and romances him with “baby talk”. Mojo is quite possibly the most friendly dog I have ever met. He roams our street greeting all the neighbors. (He loves to hear himself bark ;-)) Seems everyone wants to spoil him. Our neighbors let him come inside and lounge on their living room floor. And while our friend Kevin was visiting he would read aloud from the bible each morning & Mojo would sit beside him and just listen.

One day shortly after Mojo had grown to full-size the girls were taking a walk. They “found” two Scottish terriers in a vacant lot. They said that the dogs just “followed” them home. Later they tried to convince me that one of the dogs just walked right up and put his head in the collar they were holding. (I didn’t believe it until I saw him do it.) We quickly named them Romeo & Juliette.

Romeo was an old terrier speckled with lots of grey. He was sweet & knew many tricks. But he didn’t like Mojo and he also didn’t like the grass. I mean he hated the grass. He love to go on walks and like I said he would walk right up and put his head through the collar and head straight for the gate. If I tried to walk towards the grass he would put his legs out straight and drop his belly flat on the ground. It was so funny to watch him. I would go towards the gate & up he popped, wagging his tail, but a turn towards the grass and splat he was down on the ground refusing to go any further. Since he didn’t like the grass my patio became his place of choice to do his “business” and quickly the other two dogs followed his lead.

Oh it was awful! And all the while our kids were smitten with him. What were we going to do?

Turns out one to many fights with Mojo (one about 2 feet from our,at the time, 4 year old) and Romeo had to find a new home. But that wasn’t difficult for such a friendly and clever dog. He quickly found a new owner and then we were left with two dogs.

Juliette, does not have the adoring personality nor the funny tricks of Romeo. But what she doesn’t have in personality she makes up with loyalty. The first time I saw her she growled at me, & I was scared. It didn’t take me long, however, to realize that in her quirky way she was just saying hello. Now, I just growl back & she wags her tail. Julie, as we affectionately call her, quickly adopted me. I don’t even remember when it happened, but she follows me around, sleeps at the side of my bed and attacks any stranger that comes near me. One day I took her to the park, I thought that she might have fun, but after an entire afternoon of her trying to defend me against all the “strangers”, I found it best for her to stay home the next time I went.

Today while I was writing this blog, Julie followed Mojo out of the yard. They both scampered down the street. Mojo has since returned, but Julie is no where to be found. (And I am so worried about her.) When the girls originally found her she was hiding in some bushes. We later discovered her previous owners who said she had been missing for days. After seeing how happy we were together they asked us if we would like to keep her & we readily agreed. I guess I will send the girls out to look for her, maybe they will find her for the second time.

(PS:When I began this blog, I had no idea that this is how it would end. 😦 hopefully I can update soon about her return. )

Late in the Afternoon the same day she left, someone came to the door and told me they had spotted Julie. They took us to the little boy who had found her. Juliette is now home safe and sound.:-)