Pure Muscle

I wasn’t surprised when the baby sitter told me that Zion can do more chin-ups than anyone at the local gym, (with the exception of one guy.) Zion is always surprising people with her strength.

I think she is made of pure muscle with a douce of sure energy.

9 years ago, I caught a glimpse of what she is made of… It was the day she was born and just after birth the doctor placed her on my stomach. To my amazement she lifted her head and looked right at me, as if to say “Hey Mom, I’m here!”

That little ball of energy has kept me on my toes ever since. I promise you for the first 6 years every picture I have of her is a blur….constant movement. I remember her first Easter, she was not yet walking. I sat her in the grass by the rose bush for a photo with her sisters. “Aw, how sweet!”, she leaned over to smell the rose….CHOMP, my rose bush was successfully pruned. Another day several years later, she challenged a little boy to a race, and then won. (She was wearing high heals!) The little boy’s Mom told him that he should be ashamed of himself. Earlier this summer she asked me to watch her handstand. Of course I have seen her do a thousand handstands, but she insisted, “You haven’t seen this one Mom!”, and proceeded to do 2 push ups while doing a handstand. This kid never ceases to amaze me!

(I have a video, it is posted on my Facebook page, seems my blog does not support video……sorry!)

3 thoughts on “Pure Muscle

  1. Wow…she is really a blessed child! Amazing strength…she showed you her strength the day she was born…the MOMENT she was born!

  2. Joni Nichols says:

    She has had really exemplary role models. You show your strength and power in other ways —but I am awed by your accomplishments much the same as you are awed by hers!

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