(It seems in the business of summer, hosting teams and travel I have failed to post a few blogs about Hope House. Please forgive me!)

There are certain milestones in a ministry which signify faithfulness and endurance. Celebrating five years of existence is one of those milestones. We are pleased to announce, on June 20, 2013 Hope House turns FIVE.

We are so excited about this birthday! As Hope House turns FIVE we celebrate more than just an institution completing another year of existence, we celebrate FIVE years of boys being placed in a loving home and learning to break the cycle of abuse and neglect; FIVE years of boys accepting Jesus into their hearts and allowing his love to heal them and then grow into hopes and dreams for a better future.

This birthday we want to say “THANK YOU!”
“THANK YOU” to a God for his faithfulness, protection, provision and guidance.
“THANK YOU” to the many workers, missionaries & volunteers who labor daily to make Hope House a reality.
“THANK YOU” to so many of You, who through your financial and prayer support are helping us “Give Hope to Those who have None.”

We are eternally grateful and so are the boys whose lives have been forever changed!



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