Are You Concerned with Us?

Excerpt taken from CHASING THE DRAGON
A biography about Jackie Pullinger: missionary to the “walled city” in Hong Kong.
Page 87

A gangster speaking to Jackie…..
“We’ve been watching you. Many missionaries come to Hong Kong to help us poor people. They put us in sociological boxes and analyze us. They take our pictures to shock the Westerners by our living conditions. Some men get famous because they’ve been here. But inside the walled city we usually get rid of them within six months.” He spoke maliciously. ” We find ways to discourage them until they have no heart to continue-had you been a man we would have beaten you long ago.”
…..”we could care less if you have big buildings or small ones. You can be offering free rice, free schools, judo classes or needle work to us. It doesn’t matter if you have a daily programme or hymn singing once a week. These things don’t touch us because the people who run them have nothing to do with us. What we want to know is if you are concerned with us. Now you have been her for four years, we have decided that maybe you mean what you say.”

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